The "Sixties" Biography and Line-ups

The "Sixties" were born actually in 1984. Musical Producer Yair Shragai decided that he wanted to have fun doing his army reserve duties, and what better way than to form a band that plays "Beatles" covers? He brought in singer/musical director/songwriter/pianist/guitarist Yoel Lerner, bass player/singer Moti Dichne and drummer Shlomo Hamami, all well-established musicians at that time, to join the fun. At that time, "cover" bands were something to be frowned upon. Nobody saw the sense in playing other people's music. The band was an instant success on the army circuit (it's actually better than it sounds..). Seeing the potential, Moti, Yoel, and Shlomo decided to try to make a living out of it, while Yair decided to pursue his musical production career. He still plays with the band occasionally for fun...
The threesome played the Israeli pub circuit for half a year, achieving fame and fortune. (Well, not really, but managed to stay above water..)  
On  New Year's Eve, 1985, they were invited to play a show at the newly opened King Solomon's Palace, in the resort town of Eilat. The success was immense, so much so that they eventually played there , first weekly, then monthly, for a period of 10 years, adding another member to the group - Lead guitarist /songwriter Shlomo Mizrachi, one of Israel's foremost rock guitarists,  just back from Holland after living and playing there for 8 years. The "Yacht Pub" became world- famous , and people came from all over  to see them play. At this point, the band began playing covers of other 60's groups, and covered some early 70s material as well. This line-up lasted till  1989, when Shlomo Mizrachi decided to leave the band to pursue a solo career.
The remaining three members recorded a CD of various cover versions of famous 60s songs, with Yoel taking on the role of lead guitarist/musical producer as well. The Managing Producer ot the recordings was none other than Yair Shragai, who formed the group..
The band played for a while with alternating lead guitarists, till they were joined by Haim Romano in the spring of 1990. Haim , one of Israel's leading session guitar players,  was a member of the famous Israeli heavy-rock group "The Churchills", who saw some success in the early 70s in the UK as "Jericho Jones", playing support to bands like "Led Zeppelin".
Almost immediately upon Haim's arrival, the band began to see some success. They appeared on most of the top local TV shows, and moved on from mostly playing in pubs to the more lucrative company parties and bigger venues.
This line-up changed in the middle of 1991, with the joining of lead guitarist Itzik Bader, after Haim left to play with Yehuda Poliker, a famous Israeli singer/guitarist/songwriter.
In May of 2000, drummer Shlomo Hamami left, to be replaced by  Eli Haddad of the successful "Benzine" band, (whose lead singer and songwriter was Yehuda Poliker, who later had a great solo career, and took Haim Romano with him..). In 2008, Eli left the group to reunite with Poliker, and released a solo album of Poliker songs in 2016. Eli was replaced by Yechiel Braver, who left after a year.
In the beginning of 2010, the band welcomed not one but two new members. Noted drummer Jean-Paul Zimbris of "Natasha's Friends" (played with many top artists as well) and for the first time, a keyboard player, Eyal Klein who has been playing with blues guitarist Ronnie Peterson. Many new songs were added to the already vast repertoire as a result.
Lead guitarist Itzik Bader left the band in 2015 for health reasons. Yoel Lerner took over solo guitar duties as well, and the band went back to being a quartet.
Jean Paul left in late 2016, to be replaced by returning drummer Eli Haddad.
The  current line-up of the band is Yoel Lerner (Guitars, piano, vocals), Moti Dichne (Bass, vocals), Eyal Klein (keyboards and hat) and Eli Haddad (drums and vocals)
Lately, the band has gone back to its roots playing in crowded pubs, alongside their usual university/company/TV/overseas circuit and holding some major concerts featuring symphonic orchestras  such as the 72 piece Jerusalem Symphonic Orchestra and the Symphonette Raanana.