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align="center">The "Sixties" Live-Showreel

"The Sixties" sing "What A Wonderful World"-Audio



"The Sixties" perform with the "Raanana Symphonette"


Over 2000 people came to see "The Sixties" in concert  with the "Raanana Symphonette" (comprising 40 musicians) on August 9th, 2021.

The band played a  set of songs from the Sixties, including  "My Year Is A Day", "Nights in White Satin", "Living Thing",

"All You Need is Love", and others. The band was the first -  ever combination of rock-group/symphonic orchestra to perform in Israel.

Park Raanana

Video Clip from the concert:
"The Long and Winding Road"

Audio clips from the concert!!

"Dizzy" - 


"He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" - 


"Living Thing"


"Nights in White Satin"


"A Whiter Shade of Pale"



  "The Sixties"

 "The  Sixties" have been playing together as a band for over 37 years. The group consists of
 some of Israelís foremost musicians, who after years of playing with Israelís top acts,
decided to get together and do what they liked best: play songs from the golden era of music, the Sixties.
The groupís repertoire ranges from the early "Sixties" (Elvis, Paul Anka, etc.) to the  early "Seventies" (Zeppelin, Hendrix, etc.), touching on most of the important groups from the "Sixties" on the way. The group started out as a group that  covered "Beatles" songs, but as the years went by, went on to play other groupsí music as well. The group  has played in countless venues around Israel, as well as overseas, even in Morocco!  Among some of the more  famous venues are the University of Jerusalem, University of Tel Aviv, Bar Ilan University and most of  Israel's college and academic circuit. They even play  Ministry of Education- sponsored shows for high schools, which include light lectures on the importance of "Sixties" music and its influence on  politics and life in general  during those years. Other venues include Kibbutzim, and of course countless television appearances, which is no easy feat in Israel considering the fact that they sing mostly in English!!!
 Their greatest achievement to date was playing support to "Deep Purple " during their tour of Israel in 1991, after being chosen by members of the British band from many Israeli groups. The success of the  group before a capacity crowd of  35,000 at Tel Avivís" Yarkon Park" was exceptional.

The "Sixties" with "Deep Purple"- 1991

Standing (left to right:) Ian Paice, Richie Blackmore, Joe Lynn Turner, Moti Dichne, ex-drummer Shlomo Hamami, Jon Lord.Crouching (left to right:) Itsik Bader, Yoel Lerner, Roger Glover

Now that youíve become acquainted with the band we would like to introduce you to its members:


Yoel Lerner-
Musical Director -Vocals - Rhythm/Lead guitar, and  a graduate of the famed Tel Aviv University Music Department.

Moti Dichne-
Vocals- Bass

Eli Hadad
Drummer, backing vocals

Eyal Klein
Keyboards, backing vocals

All the aforementioned are prominent musicians whose various  individual achievements cannot be mentioned for lack of space. I hope this will give you some idea of the band and we are  looking forward to hearing from you soon!

The Sixties

P.S. Dancing during the groupís concerts is strictly encouraged!!!!

For more details: +972-505297720